Saturday, February 17, 2007

Six Day Underwear, a Japanese invention back in the 1980s

Six Day Underwear . . .
[Originally published in JIM'S LITTLE BLOG on December 08, 2005 (link).]

[see 'directions' below if you want to use these (nasty) things]

For the last week when I can't sleep I have been reading blogs. I am learning some things and getting some ideas. I have had other ideas when blogging was only a gleam in my eye.

Tonight I read the
jgoerzen 12-07-2005 post about underwear rotation. It is cute and most of his commenters have had a similar experience.

His story reminded me of this one. I used to tell it to my students when were exploring marketing. It helped them remember the Four P's of Marketing, maybe.

A mini lesson here: The Four P's of Marketing are 1. Product; 2. Price; 3. Promotion; and 4. Distribution (if you have to have a 'P' here, think 'Placement' of the product).

Students who were still missing this on examinations by the end of the course would FAIL. Regardless of their number or percent grade.

Oh yes, 'Six Day' fits the 'P'-Product studies in the sub-category of New Product Development.

The story of 'Six Day Underwear' [this tale is true]:

The concept was originated as a possible new product in an annual company contest by a Toyota employee in Japan, as reported in The Wall Street Journal. I have no idea of the publication date, it was in the 80s. The employee was upset about this job requirement [of having to come] . . . up with a new product.


Six day underwear has three leg holes.

1. Wear for day one
2. Rotate using the unused leg hole and wear for day two
3. Rotate in the same direction by one leg hole and wear for day three
4. Turn underwear inside out
5. Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 for days four, five, and six.

Try it, you might like it. Mrs. Jim thinks the whole idea is very gross and I will catch the Dickens when she reads this blog entry. She will be home Friday evening so I will be good after this. Promise. Well, for a little while.

Roy Orbison is finishing up on PBS so maybe I can sleep now. I can sleep pretty good when Mrs. Jim is home. Jim
That was over a year ago. I did catch the Dickens, Mrs. Jim thinks this story is gross every time I tell it. So did a lot of my business class students.

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