Thursday, April 07, 2011

Got this e-mail from Kathy

Got this e-mail:
I received an email today from "Kathy Lagoli," (Google Link), with the subject: Jim's Little Blog/(here referencing my post about Katrin's new bed) and with the body of the post as follows:
Hey didn’t hear back from you, are you still in business ?

It came in my e-mail as a comment notification but the blog title had gotten scrambled some. I don't know why she picked on me but I do know from Google she has been targeting the blogs.
What she does is to leave a phone number in the second e-mail. One fellow said he actually called her. But he didn't mention his blog name or title so she stammered around a bit and hung up. He hasn't been able to contact her since.
From another blogger: "It DID get my attention simply because is one of my blogs and I had recently put up the privacy policy.. I ALMOST replied to see what I had missed but something just didn’t seem right. I did a quick google of her name and found tons of others who had gotten emails from her which make no sense. They weren’t all the same but they all followed the same pattern, mentioning their blogs in the subject line."

I don't see any harm in opening it or calling her. I am sure something sinister is going on here but nobody Google comes up with has any idea about that.

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