Thursday, June 08, 2006

Well Known Facts on Golf

Got this e-mail . . .

Date: Mon 5 Jun 15:04:15 CDT 2006
From: Friend, Juan
Subject: Truths of golf
To: [a lot of us]

Some well know facts on golf:

1. A good golf partner is one who‘s always slightly worst than you are. That‘s the reason I get so many calls to play with friends.

2. A pro-shop gets its name from the fact that you have to have the income of a professional golfer to buy anything there.

3. If your opponent has trouble remembering whether he shot a six or a seven, he probably shot an eight or more.

4. It takes longer to learn good golf than it does to become a brain surgeon. On the other hand, you don‘t get to ride around on a cart, drink beer, eat hot dogs, and fart if you are performing brain surgery.

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