Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Paper from Hibiscus? Save a tree!

[click on] Treehugger: The Optimal Material to Make Paper: Kenaf

Ok, just why can't we make paper out of weeds? There are plenty of them, with a little cultivation things would be booming again for the paper industry.

Got to watch the hemp weeds of course. They grow wild in the midwest and make wonderful paper or rope. BUT the seeds are in danger. The kids are smoking them. Cheap grade marijuana for sure, but free. (Maybe this stuff, considering it is in the cannabinus family.)

What about kenaf? (link to Meriam-Webster)
One entry found for kenaf.
Main Entry: ke·naf

Function: noun
Etymology: Persian: an African hibiscus (Hibiscus cannabinus) widely cultivated for its fiber; also : the fiber used especially for making paper and cordage


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