Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hashing -- what fun is this?

Read a blog [My Book Blog] by Squeaky Wheel today and ran across a fellow, Chainsaw, who was into hashing. The Urban Dictionary (link) describes hashing (link).
Reference is then made to Hash House Harriers (link) :
1. Hash House Harriers (H3) [9 thumbs up]

International organisation of good-natured drunkards known as hashers who enjoy cross country running or hashing drink lots of beer, inflict cruel punishments on each other when bored, call each other by bizarre hash names, sing hash hymns and are basically sound people.
The H3 have some of the best collections of obscene songs on the web.
Britarse Dec 18, 2003 email it

2. Hash House Harriers (H3) [7 thumbs up]

A drinking club with a running problem.
"With the hares away the hounds will harrie. On-On!"
NFN Ho Jul 31, 2004 email it

just thought you needed to know this--educational, you know. jim

p.s. Anthony described a hashing party in his blog, Tone Quixote De La Everett . (link) Basically it was a long morning walk to just about all over, and ended up at a neighborhood bar for the rest of the party--described in the blog.

Think I'll skip hashing for a looooooooonnnngg wwwhiiiiiiiilee.

: )
Thanks. I wuz thinking about doing some hashing, but your informed post has me reconsidering....
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