Sunday, March 05, 2006

Are you being a Smart Aleck?

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary (link)

smart aleck

One entry found for smart aleck.

Main Entry: smart al·eck
Variant(s): also smart al·ec /'smärt-"a-lik, -"e-/

Function: noun

Etymology: Aleck, nickname for Alexander: an obnoxiously conceited and self-assertive person with pretensions to smartness or cleverness- smart-aleck adjective- smart-al·ecky
/-"a-l&-kE, -"e-/ adjective


And the reason for starting another blog is..................?

And the reason you keep it so hush-hush is................? (I mean, realistically now, you have 0 responses. Total. On the entire blog. Surely, you're writing to yourself? The "Mad Writer" locked away, alone in his burning castle, writing away furiously as walls fall around him?
How long have you been knowing about this one?
A place to put that awful bio I had on the other one.
I did that Feb 20, the start day for this blog.
It is just for fun. I put junky things that people won't read, or whatever I want to put.
The "Mad Writer" is pretty good!
Mostly I just wanted to see who would be looking at it, if any.
You know you are the first to comment.
Are you home now, or on the road?
Er....What do you mean by "home now, or on the road?" Might you be confusing me with somebody else?

I found this blog today on your profile. Your regulars probably don't review your profile, hence the reason for this blog's seeming obscurity.

Actually, it's quite good. I like it as well as, or better, than your other blog. It's fresh and fast, not weighted down with dogs and family and what-not.

Both blogs serve a purpose. I like your family. But this blog's fun. And you get straght to the point, kinda like: "Forget plot and characterization--just get to the action!"
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