Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Male Depression

It sounds depressing just hearing those words, doesn't it?

Here is some very sound advice for those men who are contemplating committing suicide:

"Treatment and self-care for male depression
"If you ... [are] considering suicide, seek help immediately from your doctor, the nearest hospital emergency room or emergency services (911). "

Sure, like I'm going to call 911 right away. Well maybe I will do the auto dialer and then pull the trigger. It would be nice if those guys found me and took me away rather than someone dear.

In fact, maybe this is a good idea after all!

How about driving to the ER? Well, start out, then pull in front of a Mack. Or don't hurt somebody else, just drive off a tall bridge. That for sure will rate a trip to the morgue and save the emergency stuff for someone who is really sick.

My doctor? Well, his secretary makes appointments for him 9-4. Period. So if you are going to do this doctor calling stuff, wait until 9-4 M-F (he may be off Thursdays, mine is). I don't think this works, nighttime is much better for doing yourself in.

So with a few of my modifications, these words from the Mayo Clinic might be helpful. That is, if you want to end it for sure.
taken from
MayoClinic.com (there is more stuff there, including the symptoms)

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