Wednesday, January 03, 2007

In America?


I hope she is someone's mother. Then we could have a daughter/son to the rescue.

Maybe she broke the law?
She probably did, maybe a couple of them?
First a law against being homeless? This isn't the U.S.
Second a law protecting abondoned buildings from being used? Probably these homeless were a blight on the wanna be prosperous neighbrohood.
Jim ~
I couldn't see this... but maybe it is just as well. I didn't sound like a very uplifting title. Didn't know that the Canadians have a law about "not being HOMELESS?" Maybe I haven't given them enough CREDIT!

As for your suggestion about getting rid of the SPAM comments on y blog (by turning on word verifications...) I appreciate the advice, but I have chosen NOT to use it just because i find it SO frustrating to have to type in a word like "jlkiktbbdileut" only to find out I got one of the b's wrong in place of a d or put in an i for an l. Only then to be given YET ANOTHER chance to miss-type a BRAND new word again! Not having it ON, makes it easier for SPAMMERS, but it is also easier on my REAL blog posters as well!

Hopefully, I will be able to post on your blog w/o having to type in "jlkiktbbdileut" ~ jb///
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