Monday, December 18, 2006

Britney Spears --- DiJaNo?

[Link to SNL Britney Divorce skit video.]

That she has "property worth $15 million and forest land in her native Louisiana worth $6 million." Thanks to, a blog-like site devoted to trivia about Britney Spears?

((Britney picture (link to picture) courtesy of her MySpace site, operated by [I really don't know who].))

That Britney Spears has 39607 friends and 1739470 Profile Views on the MySpace blog, You too could be her friend.

That Britney Spears was made fun of in a skit on Saturday Night Live (SNL link) last week? See it now (link)!

That Britney Spears is moving to New York City? [per (link)]

That Britney Spears is asking $13.5 million for her Malibu mansion? [ (link)]

That's enough now for items about Britney Spears. Go yourself to and read more.

BTW, this is my pinup girl:


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